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Shipping companies feel the need for the most advanced and effective communication solutions in order to stay competitive and profitable while operating under pressure of the continuously increasing costs and the operational competition coupled with the regulatory requirements. After departing from land, a vessel’s only means of communication and connection to data is via Mobile Satellite solutions. Whether it is a small luxury boat, a fishing vessel, a large container ship, a tanker or a Navy vessel Mobilkom has the right solution for the marine sector that can  range from a simple voice or fax call to onboard videoconferencing or crew entertainment that can operate continuously and globally.
We can provide you turnkey solution that start from sale and installation of hardware continue with activation of service that can integrate your existing onboard infrastructure and can even provide Value-added services that meet the mandatory regulatory requirements(such as GMDSS, SSAS, LRIT and MRV).
It is possible to find the right solution with us whether your need is for operational communication or for crew communications or crew welfare .


Target Users

Global Commercial

We can fulfill can stay connected for their 24 hour by 7 operational needs or the crew communication needs of all deep sea commercial vessel in any weather condition and anywhere in the world.

Regional Commercial

Regional commercial vessels or workboats can stay connected for their 24 hour by 7 operational needs in any weather condition to make and receive calls, send email, connect to the Internet or send SMS messages


We can help fisherman earn more before they even reach shore. With our solutions, fisherman can stay online to get real-time weather and sea parameter information as they fish, relay their catch details, search for optimal price in different markets and even sell their catch before they even reach shore

Recreation and Luxury

If you are sailing just for fun or carrying high profile guest commercially, we can keep you connected and bring your office and the world of Internet to your boat. With the mobile solutions you can talk to anyone anywhere you are , connect to the Internet to send and receive your messages, surf the net, keep up with e recent developments and even attend a meeting online real time or watch a live show.

Activation Services

Mobilkom can provide you turnkey maritime solution starting from the sale, installation and support of Inmarsat Iridium and VSAT maritime communication hardware to the full activation on airtime to the billing of your communication from a single point of service approach. Integration of our solutions to your existing environment makes our solution custom tailored for your needs

Mariteme Specific Services

Regulatory Services

As a distributor of Pole Star, Mobilkom can provide you services for the current and continuously developing Maritime regulatory requirements;

SSAS (Ship Security Alert System) Details...
Counter Piracy(SSRS) Details...
Risk Insight Details...
LRIT(Long Range Identification and Tracking Details...
Gemi takip ve AIS- Satellite Details...
MRV( Monitoring Reporting and Verification) Details...
ERP API Details...

a. SSAS(Ship Security Alert System)

In a security situation, rapid response is vital. So, when we developed SSAS Management, we designed every feature to make managing ship security alerts and tests simpler and quicker. We streamlined processes, reduced visual distractions and focused on what was important to you - ensuring your vessel and crew are safe. The reliable web-based and mobile applications allow you to manage alerts and tests from your office, home or mobile, to give you confidence that, in the event of an incident, you are ready to respond immediately, no matter where you are. A complete SSAS management system that allows CSOs and DPAs to manage security alerts and respond to incidents - from the office, home or mobile

Sınırlamalar olmadan SSAS uyarıları

SSAS Yönetimi, sizi sadece üç uyarı alıcıya sınırlayan veya gevşek bir e-posta adresini düzeltmek için teknisyenin gemiye binmesini isteyen bazı gemi güvenlik alarm sistemlerinin aksine size kıyıdan kontrol imkanı sağlıyor.


Senin için ne yapabileceğimizi öğren

Alert/test notifications

- Create unlimited alert and test recipients on a per ship or fleet basis, edit recipients as often as required, select the notification format (email, SMS, fax or Telex) and verify delivery with notification status information, all within your Pole Star account. By removing the need for a technician to attend each time an edit is required, SSAS Management can save you valuable time and money while ensuring that the right people are notified as quickly as possible.

Online security management

SSAS Management automatically displays alerts, tests and position reports from the onboard SSAS hardware in the web-based SSAS Management service to give you complete situational awareness in the event of a security situation.

Big interactive maps

Big, interactive maps (including C-Map, terrain, street and satellite) with features including: zoom, pan, weather, zones and distance measurement tool.

b. SSRS(Ship Security Reporting System?

SSRS is easily integrated into existing ISPS Ship Security Plans and Best Management Practice procedures. Pole Star is a firm supporter of best management practices and is a perfect fit with the requirement for rapid response within your company and ship security plans. t provides a link from a ship sending an alert direct to the MSCHOA and UKMTO and onward to EU NAVFOR Somalia – Operation Atalanta and participating naval forces responsible for maritime security in the Gulf of Aden and off the coast of Somalia.


Neden Pole Star'ı seçmelisiniz? Bir korsan saldırının ilk birkaç dakikasının hayati önemi en yüksek zaman olduğu kabul edilmektedir. SSRS sizi alıyor. Gemideki uyarı düğmesi basılı tutulduğu anda uyarı askeri bir müdahale birimine yönlendirilir.

Proactive planning

SSRS is easily integrated into existing ISPS Ship Security Plans and Best Management Practice procedures. Pole Star is a firm supporter of best management practices and is a perfect fit with the requirement for rapid response within your company and ship security plans.


With SSRS, the critical response time is reduced. Response time to an alert can now be measured in seconds instead of minutes or even hours. In addition, this buys you time, and peace of mind – for your CSO and for your crew.

Economical and immediately effective

SSRS builds on existing onboard technology so costs are minimal. SSRS has been designed to integrate seamlessly with existing SSAS equipment installed on all commercial vessels of 500GT and above engaged on international voyages (defined in the ISPS Code, SOLAS XI-1/6).

Easy to use

Set up your company account and register vessels online, then SSRS enables online subscription within minutes.

Peace of mind

Your CSO can react to the alert knowing that the naval forces in the area have been alerted giving peace of mind to your CSO and the crew.

Crew welfare

By investing in counter-piracy solutions, your seafarers will know that their security is your priority.


In the event of a piracy attack, SSAS activation supplements the main piracy reporting procedures set out in Best Management Practices for Protection against Somalia Based Piracy.n

If the crew find themselves under duress and unable to make or receive telephone calls, the SSRS service is an effective, covert method of automatically alerting the military assets faster than via the SSAS alone. However, to maximize the speed of response, it is advised that, whenever possible, the SSAS should be activated in concert with a telephone call to UKM

Continuous alert monitoring

The SSRS service continuously monitors alerts transmitted by the SSAS onboard-subscribed vessels. The system compares the position of the vessel sending the alert to the published MSCHOA / UKMTO Area of Operation.

Automatic forwarding to naval forces

After establishing that the vessel is within the area, SSRS routes the alert (which includes the vessel name, report date / time stamp, associated latitude / longitude, and also the IMO number, MMSI, and freeboard and speed) to MSCHOA and UKMTO. Once they confirm the alert is genuine, the updated information is disseminated through the Mercury system, which is viewed by all participating task forces.

Confirmation to CSO

The alert is copied to the registered Company Security Officer (CSO) as confirmation that it has been disseminated and to provide the CSO with relevant contact details, should he have additional information to communicate.

Participating Naval Operations Centers:

- • Maritime Security Centre – Horn of Africa (MSCHOA)
• UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO)
• NATO Shipping Centre
• U.S. Maritime Liaison Office Bahrain (MARLO)

c. LRIT(Long Range Identification and Tracking)

Pole Star offers complete LRIT Conformance testing and certification services and is authorized to issue Conformance Test Reports on behalf of most Flags.

Pole Star is the world leader in LRIT testing and, to date, has completed more than 40,000 LRIT tests on behalf of global ship operators. Pole Star is an Authorised Testing ASP for over 90 Flags and provides operators with a convenient, secure and easy-to-use web-based testing platform, allowing them to initiate a test and review its progress at any time.


Pole Star is the world leader in LRIT testing. We have completed more than 40,000 LRIT conformance tests and are an Authorised Testing ASP for over 90 Flags. We provide ship operators with a convenient, secure and intuitive online LRIT Conformance Test platform, allowing them to initiate a test and review its progress at any time. Pole Star's system manages all aspects of the test, including terminal commissioning, satellite communications network management, post-test de-commissioning, and production of a detailed test result and provision of a conformance test certificate if required.

Online testing portalı

Our secure and easy-to-use web-based LRIT testing platform allows you to start a test or check its progress whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

Quick test results

LRIT Conformance Tests are typically completed, and the results emailed to you, within 48 hours.

Live progress check

With your testing account, you can overview the progress and status of testing of your ships. Your results are emailed to you within 48 hours.

Fleet upload

Testing with Pole Star is easy, even if you need to test a large number of ships at once. Once you have gathered your fleet's information, our intuitive application allows you to upload your entire fleet with one click.

Order your certificate online

Order your LRIT certificate on-demand via the online LRIT CTR portal. Simply enter the required information and click submit. Your LRIT CTRs will be dispatched as a scan by email, and as a hard copy by courier within 3 days of receipt of payment. Pole Star can issue LRIT CTRs on behalf of most flags.

Fast track your certificate

On successful completion of an LRIT Conformance Test, Pole Star can issue the Conformance Test Report Certificate. Standard processing time is three days, but to assist ship operators with urgent requirements, Pole Star offers a Fast Track service, which allows the Certificate to be issued within 24 hours.

d. MRV Monitoring Reporting Verification

Unlike other solutions on the market, MRV compliance by Pole Star is built on the powerful Pole Star enterprise framework, ensuring unmatched accuracy, security and simplicity of use.

The Pole Star MRV solution does so much more than simply meeting the minimum requirements for EU compliance. We are working with some of the biggest names in shipping to continuously broaden the scope of our MRV solution, ensuring all our customers are protected against future developments in environmental legislation.

As environmental compliance continues to grow as a priority for legislators, reporting requirements are only going to expand in both scale and complexity. Pole Star are proud to serve our customers with a solution that not only enables MRV compliance, but also facilitates fleet efficiency in challenging markets.

Value Added Services

Online Vessel Tracking

By combining reliable position reporting and detailed maps with accurate zones, up-to-date weather layers, interactive tools and an intuitive mobile-responsive user interface, we can offer you a complete and near real-time picture of your fleet in relation to nearby and current threats, risks and regulatory requirements. Ensuring the safety and security of your fleet (while managing risks, maximizing efficiency and satisfying regulatory, environmental and conservation requirements) requires a near real-time picture of where your ships are in relation to security threats, risks and regulatory zones. By combining reliable position reporting, up-to-date maps, zones and accurate weather forecasts as well as automatic and interactive tools, we can offer you a complete and near real-time picture of your fleet in relation to nearby and current threats, risks and regulatory requirements.



Fleet Xpress takes maritime communications to the next level, delivering the high data speeds enabled by Inmarsat's Global Xpress Ka-band technology combined with the proven reliability of Inmarsat's flagship FleetBroadband L-band service. Fleet Xpress is powering the maritime data revolution. Guaranteed global bandwidth ensures that ship owners and operators can improve business intelligence, enhance efficiency, performance and crew welfare, and in turn run their businesses more effectively. Fleet Xpress offers a powerful combination of unique benefits to set a new standard in maritime communications.
The L band FleetBroadband terminal acts as a backup for the primary communication channel, the GX terminal. The switch over from one terminal to the other is transparent. All communication is charged at one monthly fee with unlimited data. The cost is fixed and there is no risk of extra communication except for your voice calls.



Services for the Vessel IT Infrastructure

The number of applications stemming from the obligations arising from the regulations and the efforts on increasing the operational efficiency have been forcing operators to implement specialized IT infrastructure and networks on their ships.The implementation of such infrastructures require the management of the servers on board as well as force the vessels to transfer large volumes of data from and to land.

With Mobilkom Infrastructure specific solutions, you can run every application on a single fully redundant server and remoptely manage the operation of these computers on board. This will save you the hastle of managing multiple system on board you vessel as well as giving you the ability to control your vessel's IT infrastructure remotely. It manager's nightmare resolved.


Crew Communication and welfare Services

Especially with the announcement MLC2006, there is a constant demand for the crew's social rights and wellfare to use the Internet. With Mobilkom Crew Communication products, it is possible to share Inertnet access on your vessel according to your own policy. The system allows the user to set up a custom created group and define the sales, quota and control parameters of these groups and the user's daily weekly monthly usage rights.

For all kinds of Internet and voice usage, the crew purchases are made without any external intervention within the user's predefined rights. The users have the ability to instantly define and change the Internet access type (normal, Lite) according to their needs. The user can see the existing balance in her account and can make purchases within the limits defined. Users will be able to carry their account between the ships in the same fleet so that all rights and balance remain the same and usable.

All you have to do is apply the monthly crew purchase report received from the system in you accounting system and charge the monthly crew usage to the appropriate crew member.