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Sailor GX100


The SAILOR 100 GX is an advanced 3-axis stabilized Ka-band antenna system designed for the Inmarsat Global Xpress® satellite network. It is built to the same high quality and high performance that has made SAILOR the leading name in professional Maritime communication equipment over decades. SAILOR 100 GX is a direct development from the immensely successful SAILOR 900 VSAT antenna system, which has created a new industry standard through innovative design for ease-of-use, quick deployment and reliable operation. SAILOR 100 GX features advanced Tracking Receiver technology that enables it to verify the right satellite in less than a second. This unique feature, tried and tested in the benchmark SAILOR FleetBroadband systems, ensures quick satellite acquisition at start-up and re-acquisition of the satellite in case of temporary blockage, after bad weather or poor signal strength. As with all SAILOR VSAT antenna systems, SAILOR 100 GX is light and compact. It uses a single cable between antenna and below deck equipment for RF, power and data, while advanced features such as Automatic Azimuth Calibration (home flag) and Automatic Cable Calibration significantly reduce installation time further. The unique Global Xpress One Touch Commissioning feature completes the package, making SAILOR 100 GX incredibly easy to deploy.



•  Gyro-free operation.
•  SNMP support.
•  Service communication using SAILOR •  FleetBroadband over WAN.
•  Remote or local simultaneous software update

   of ADU, ACU and GMU via PC and
•  Internet browser.
•  Global RF configuration.
•  Full remote control and troubleshooting with

    built-in test equipment (BITE).
•  ACU with 4 x LAN, NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000,

   RS-232 and RS-422.
•  ACU is DC powered. Start up voltage: 22 VDC

   guaranteed, operating range: 20 –32 VDC.
•  GMU with 8+2 LAN, RS-232 and RS-422 and

   I/O connector.
•  No scheduled maintenance.

•  SAILOR 7009C ADU with 4 lifting brackets

   (already mounted)
•  Accessory kit for SAILOR 7009C ADU:
•  Package with bolts, washers and cable glands

   (2 sizes)
•  Accessory kit for SAILOR 7016B ACU:
•  NMEA multi-connector
•  Connector 2PF pi7.62 straight
•  RJ45 patch cable (1 pce)
•  Coax cable F-F, low loss, 75 Ohm (2 pcs)
•  Ethernet cable (2 m) (1 pce)
•  Accessory kit for SAILOR 7023 GMU including










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