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Operating over Inmarsat's new IsatHub service, the iSavi is a lightweight and portable device bringing satellite connectivity to your smart phone and smart device anywhere in the world.
Seamlessly connect your smart device to the

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Explorer 325


The Explorer 325 is compact vehicular terminal for high quality voice and broadband connectivity on-the-move over Inmarsat's BGAN service. Consisting of a transceiver, an IP handset and a roof mountable antenna with magnetic mount, the Explorer 325

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Explorer 500


The Explorer 5O0 BGAN terminal combines exceptional performance with portability.
Whether halfway up a mountain or in the middle of a desert, the small and lightweight voice and broadband data communications device


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Explorer 510

Ultra-portable and easy to use, the EXPLORER 510 lightweight BGAN terminal is a powerful next generation tool for field communication worldwide. Ideal for connecting smartphones, tablets or laptops from anywhere in the world, the Cobham...


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Explorer 710


Developed specifically for the new revolutionary BGAN HDR service from Inmarsat, the EXPLORER 710 sets a new standard for on-demand streaming rates.
The smallest class 1 terminal available, the EXPLORER 710 delivers high-speed, ultra-portable...


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Explorer 727


EXPLORER 727 is a high-speed, vehicular broadband system allowing voice and data access on the move at speeds of up to 200km/h.

Live media broadcast, defence and humanitarian operations require reliable coverage and...

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