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Crew Communication and welfare Services


Especially with the announcement MLC2006, there is a constant demand for the crew's social rights and wellfare to use the Internet. With Mobilkom Crew Communication products, it is possible to share Inertnet access on your vessel according to your own policy.

The system allows the user to set up a custom created group and define the sales, quota and control parameters of these groups and the user's daily weekly monthly usage rights.


For all kinds of Internet and voice usage, the crew purchases are made without any external intervention within the user's predefined rights. The users have the ability to instantly define and change the Internet access type (normal, Lite) according to their needs. The user can see the existing balance in her account and can make purchases within the limits defined. Users will be able to carry their account between the ships in the same fleet so that all rights and balance remain the same and usable.

All you have to do is apply the monthly crew purchase report received from the system in you accounting system and charge the monthly crew usage to the appropriate crew member.