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Jet Connex


Jet ConneX offers passengers the highest speed and most extensive coverage of flight routes available to the market. It's the first worldwide Ka-band network available to business aviation from a single operator. The Jet ConneX service delivers a reliable, uninterrupted, high quality Wi-Fi experience wherever you fly. It provides data speeds capable of supporting video-streaming, Voice over IP (VoIP), live TV, file transfer and VPN. Just about everything that makes business fast moving down here, moves just as fast at 35,000ft with Jet ConneX.
Honeywell JetWave Satellite Communicationsterminals provide in-fl ight Ka-band global broadband service. Operating on the Inmarsat Global Xpress network, the JetWave system is designed to provide seamless, broadband-class data connectivity around the world. The hardware and network are optimized for mobility, providing an outstanding passenger connectivity experience. These two MCS (Multi-Channel Satcom) confi gurations use identical RF and antenna controller, modem and router components, with the only difference being that the MCS-8000 uses a tail-mounted antenna and the MCS-8100 uses a fuselage mounted antenna

Key Features:
• System operates on the new InmarsatJet ConneX™ network, with three satellites covering

   the globe (Polar regions excepted)
• True broadband class connectivity, with data rates up to 15 Mbps
• Committed Information Rates (CIRs) provide the industry's only data rate guarantee
• Service offered through industry-leading Distribution Partners (DPs)
• Wide variety of service plan offerings allows customers to select the plan and price best

   suited to their needs. Plan pricing remains constant throughout the contract period to

   eliminate surprises and to easily manage in the annual operating budget
• Worldwide support through Distribution Partners, Honeywell service depots, and

   Inmarsat ground network and product experts

Key Areas of Usage:  
• Real-time TV
• TV on demand
• Broadband Internet access
• Video conference and relay
• Email
• 3G/LTE services
• File Transfer
• VPN eaccess
• VoIP
• Cabin passenger crew and cokpit communication


Honeywell JetConneX birimleri

System Description/Specifi cations
• Description
• Ka-band Satcom Terminal
• Network Support
• Operates on the Inmarsat Jet ConneX
• Ka-band network
• Fuselage-mounted antenna (MCS-8100) or
• Tail-mounted antenna (MCS-8000)
• Both systems include a common RF and

  antenna controller, modem & router

  • System Hardware

    • Size 5.02" × 15.32 "× 7.88" 4MCU
    • Weight: 14.0 lbs
    • Size: 3.23" x 18.05" x 9.01"
    • Weight: 11.3 lbs
    • Size: 4.74" x 11.02" × 9.06"
    • Weight: 8.7 lbs